1. The better you care for your UV Shield, the better your UV Shield will care for you.

2. Clean the lens with your AURA SUNWEAR dust bag or  any microfiber cloth.

3. If the UV Shield comes in contact with pool, beach water, perfume, skincare products or any abrasive liquid that contains alcohol or acids; please rinse the exposed areas with fresh water ASAP to avoid damaging the headband, or the lens’ protective properties.

4. Wiping with a microfiber cloth is usually enough, but if you feel it needs more, you can use some fresh water with the cloth while wiping.

5. When cleaning/wiping please be gentle not to bend the lens.

6. Although the lens is heat resistant, the heat build up in cars is very damaging. Avoid leaving your UV shield in the car, the extreme heating and cooling can make the headband weak and prone to breaking.

7. If you would like to clean the head band fabric, you can do so very easily by wiping with a gentle, bleach-free soap and fresh water, then allowing it to air dry.